1600 Texts 800 Minutes & Unlimited Internet On O2 for £19.58 Per Month

By | April 2, 2009

O2 Simplicity

If your considering buying a payg mobile phone to save some money yet still want the benefits of a contract then O2 Simplicity may be just the thing for you.  Or if you currently have a payg phone and are spending £20 per month on top ups then this may be a much better alternative and offer better value for money.

O2 Simplicity are offering a massive 1600 texts, 800 minutes and unlimited Internet for just £19.58 per month on a 12 month contract without a mobile.  This is great if your on a budget and already have a decent mobile as the amount of texts and minutes included in this bundle is great.

In addition to the 1600 texts, 800 minutes and unlimited internet you can also add an additional bolt on such unlimited o2 to o2 calls or 200 extra anytime minutes.  Click the below link to find out about this limited offer:

More information here

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