3 Mobile payg broadband modem £19.99 for existing three mobile customers

By | March 25, 2008

Take 3 mobiles brilliantly mobile (get it!) broadband and add a payg (pay as you go) element to it and you have yourself a fantastic deal. What’s more for existing customers of three, payg mobile broadband is even cheaper and starts at just £19.99 (a £50 discount on the non-customers £69.99 price!). No contract, no wires just mobile broadband from 3 mobile!
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With a choice of 4 different usb broadband modems to choose from and a range of top ups between £10 and £50 this is a great payg broadband alternative and even better for those looking for a more mobile option to their internet surfing.  Provided a three mobile signal is available you will be able to surf the net.  If you have a laptop then surfing the internet anywhere you like becomes even easier.

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