3 Mobile Pre Pay PAYG Mobile Broadband USB Dongle £44.99 Delivered

By | May 9, 2008

3 mobile broadband dongle3 Mobile offer their popular mobile broadband via a pre pay (payg) method which can currently be purchased for just £44.99 delivered.

3 Mobile PAYG Mobile Broadband works by using the 3 mobile network and offers speeds upto 2.8MB per second depending on the area you are using it in.  It’s also really easy to set up and when you’re in a Turbo Network area you’ll get lightening web access speeds which means you’ll be able to download files at the same speed as you would at home, but without being chained to your computer. It’s Internet access whenever and wherever you want.

The payg option of mobile broadband is great with the following advantages:

- No Contract
- No Wires
- Top up when needed from £10 to £50
- Swap between different computers
- Great for laptops and desktop computers
- No messing around with wireless routers

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