Discount O2 broadband from £7.50 per month for payg customers

By | February 22, 2008

O2 payg customers (both new and existing) are now elegible for a £5 per month discount on 02′s broadband service as follows:

  • Standard – £7.50 per month (upto 8 mb unlimited)
  • Premium – £10.00 per month (upto 16mb unlimited)
  • Ultimate – £15.00 per month (upto 20mb unlimited)

Payg / prepay customers will need to start a 12 month O2 Home Broadband contract and providing a top up of £10 is made every three months this discounted rate will continue to apply.  Failure to top up will result in the broadband reverting bak to the non discounted cost (an additional £5 per month) until £10 is topped up.

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