How to Prolong the Life of your Phone Battery

By | October 21, 2011

The best thing about mobile phones is, well, that they are mobile, but unfortunately that comes with a limitation. Even though you can use them wherever the signal is available you still can’t use them for as long as you might like. You are limited by the life of your battery, and depending on the manufacturer, the model and the way you use your phone, that life might be too short for your liking. Luckily, there are measures you can take and habits you can try to develop if you want to extend that life.

First of all it is important to remember that your Bluetooth and infra red are wasting a lot of energy when they’re on even if they are not actively transmitting data, whenever you use them you should remember to turn them off after.

One of the other things you should definitively try to avoid whenever you can is vibration mode. Sometimes you don’t really have a choice and you have to use it because your current circumstances demand it, but at any other time you should make sure that it is off as it consumes a lot of energy.

The type and strength of the network reception in your area also have significant influence on your battery’s life. Phones operating on the GSM network have much longer battery life than the ones using 3G, of course most people wouldn’t sacrifice speed and efficiency of the newer network just to make the phone work slightly longer, but some might consider it a fair trade off.

Also, if your network signal is weak your phone will be struggling to establish a connection and as a result it will drain the battery faster, if you are in an area with bad reception you might think about turning your phone off, it usually isn’t of much use anyway and you’ll save a lot of power.

Your phone’s display is another big spender; you should lower the brightness as far as you can, as this is one of the main sources of energy drain. Following the same logic, you shouldn’t have active flashy screen-savers with animations, or just about anything else that will make your display work overtime, a nice entertaining black is just as fun not to look at as a colourful, lively cartoon and it requires far less energy.

The same goes for games, if you need your battery to last long you should refrain from playing them on your phone, they not only use the display but more often than not, you also need sound, and the speakers can be just as effective at draining your phone as display. That is why listening to music on your phone is also on the list.

Other things to remember are the power save mode option that most nokia mobile phones have and that you should definitely think about using, freeing up as much memory space as you can, and of course, talking which might be the activity that drains your phone the most.

Needles to say, battery life is just not that important to most people and these measures are often not worth considering, but if you only adopted some of the necessary habits you might make your battery last longer without having to sacrifice all the things that made you buy the phone in the first place.

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