Make money on your old no longer used mobile phones

By | December 30, 2007

Now that Christmas has ended and many of you may have had a new mobile phone as a present the question is what to do with your old ones. 

I’m sure that if you have a look at home in those cupboards and draws where you put all those things you no longer use you will come across a few old mobile phones which are doing nothing.  The latest estimate is that there is over 80 million old no longer used mobile phones sitting around not doing anything.

There is now however a quick and easy solution to make money from these handsets which does not require the usual hassle of eBay or classified ads as you are offered a price which you can then choose to accept or reject if you think your old mobile phone is worth more. 

With a few simple clicks Envirofone will tell you how much your old mobile phone is worth which can be anything between £20 – £130 depending on the mobile and condition.
Envirofone has the additional advantages over other methods such as eBay of offering a cash value for non working mobiles and mobile phones which no longer have their boxes.  You also have the option to get an extra 15% on top of the value by opting for Argos vouchers instead of the cash value.

Why not see how much you can get for your old no longer used mobile phones at Envirofone.  It only takes a couple of minutes and you have nothing to lose.

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