Mobile Broadband from 3 (Three) Mobile – Now 50% Off for existing customers

By | April 12, 2008

Three mobile broadband now starts from just £5 per month for existing customers, making it one of the cheapest if not the cheapest mobile broadband available.

The advantages of three mobile broadband are as follows:

- You can be completely mobile, as long as you are able to receive a three mobile signal the broadband will work.
- You can choose to use a payg mobile broadband package or a monthly fixed contract option
- Price range from £5 per month for 1GB data allowance upto £12.50 per month for a 7GB data allowance.
- Contract mobile broadand includes a FREE dongle until 31st May 2008

Remember these prices are exclusive for existing customers and allow you to have flexible mobile broadband from three from just £5 per month.

Click here for month information on this fantastic offer

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