Mobile phones As a Fashion Accessory

By | December 28, 2012

The importance of fashion has increased over the years. People want to look trendy and wear clothes and accessories that are in vogue. Wearing the right clothes with the right shoes aren’t the only things that matter. Mobile phones are now being seen as a fashion accessory along with handbags, scarves, hats and shoes. Mobile phones have become an important factor in judging a person’s fashion quotient. A phone is now much more just a communication tool. It has become a status symbol and a style statement.


One of the main reasons why mobile phones are considered as a fashion accessory is lavish marketing campaigns by mobile phone companies. They promote the mobile phones in such a way that people consider them to be a fashion accessory. Companies spend millions of pounds in designing visually appealing phones and create hype around the product to attract trendy, fashion conscious customers. The mobile phone of the 80’s was like a brick, bulky and clumsy in looks. Today, phones are much smaller, sleeker and stylish. Plenty of mobile accessories are available to change colour, casing and the overall look of the handset.

Designer Cases

Today’s Fashionistas are willing to spend money in personalising the looks of their phone, just like they are willing to spend loads of money on handbags, dresses, shoes and accessories. There is a huge demand for attractive mobile phone covers and other accessories. This has led to the discovery of a major new industry.

Big brands such as Gucci, Ed Hardy and so forth have come up with designer cases for phones. With the increasing popularity of phones, people want to differentiate themselves from others and want to make a fashion statement.

Designer Hand Sets

The manufacturers have also come up with new and unique models which make mobile phones a fashion accessory. Some of the fashionable phones are Blackberry Curve 3G in pink, Nokia 5230 in pink and silver, and Sony Ericsson Zylo in silver. Alcatel OT 880 is a very cool looking phone with a futuristic design. Samsung S7070 Diva with the ice white frame and the pink screen looks adorable.

Manufacturers have introduced gold plated and diamond embedded mobile phones. Swarovski has joined up with various manufacturers to provide a posh touch to the handsets. The size and shape of some phones are designed to make a fashion statement.

Ever-Faster Obsolescence

Nowadays, people frequently replace their existing mobile phones with the latest models on the market. Businessmen prefer carrying the latest business phones, usually solidly designed with a black finish, so that they don’t feel embarrassed in front of their colleagues and clients. College students like to have the trendiest phones as the choice of their peers influences them. It is not only rich people who consider their phones as a fashion accessory, even less affluent people have personalised their phones to make a statement by using stickers, jewellery and covers.

Are You a Phone Fashionista?

There are still some people who do not consider a phone as a fashion statement. However, they are in the minority. The number of people who consider phones as a fashion accessory has increased in the last few years. People like to flaunt their phones; the way the carry their phone around speaks volumes about their attitude and style.

Phil Turner was checking out iPhone deals recently and decided that he does not want a fashion phone.

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