Make Money And Recycle Your Old Mobile

By | July 18, 2009

Making money from your old mobile phones

There are specialist internet sites that will take your old mobile phone and give you cash or vouchers in exchange.  They will take all sorts of mobiles and often damaged ones although the condition of the mobile and the accessories it still has including the box will reflect on the price offered by such companies.

What is the process?

The process is very simple, you go to their websites and tell then what mobile phone make and model you have they then they will tell you what they are willing to offer you for it, this can be in either cash or some companies offer more money if you accept vouchers instead.

If you are hapy with the price offered they will send you a jiffy bag in the post in which you return your mobile along with the accessories and box if you have them free of charge.

To get the best money you will need to have a phone in decent working condition, with no more than a small amount of cosmetic damage from day to day use.  The phone will also need to be able to power up and switch on

Which company offers the most?

That depends on the type of mobile you have so it is worth comparing the different websites to get the best offer.  You may also want to consider selling it on eBay if the prices are lower than the same mobile phones being sold on eBay.

What do they do with the mobiles?

The mobile will be tested and refurbished by many of the companies and often resold, sometimes in other countries.  For example Environfone sell their mobiles that they collect to the Far East, South America and Africa.

Compare prices offered

The following companies offer to recycle your mobile in return for cash and vouchers, so we recommend trying each one to see who offers the best price:

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