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By | April 4, 2008

Unloking your mobile phone can often be done completely free of charge saving you £10′s of pounds in the process simply by looking in the right place on the internet.  The best places to look depend on your mobile make and some modern mobile phones may require special software and hardware to unlock which you may have to pay for.

Whether you have a payg mobile or contract here are the best places to look to unlock your phone and what’s best of all is it’s completely legal.

Nokia mobile phones:

The easiest way available to unlock a Nokia mobile phone is by using codes that are available from websites such as Unlock Nokia freeTrycktill or Unlockitfree.  This is more likely to be free with older Nokia handsets but it’s worth a search on the site’s just in case.

Unlocking mobiles requires the phone’s IMEI code (type *#06# on your handset to find this number) current network and phone model, simply enter the relevant details into one of the above sites and you should be presented with a code or codes in which to unlock your mobile phone.

Other makes:

Try the above sites or do a quick search on Google with the phone make and words ‘unlock mobile phone’ or something similar.  Often you may have to buy an unlocking cable for somewhere like eBay which will come with full instructions depending on your mobile make and model.

How to enter the unlock code

Use the * key  to produce the following letters:

+ – press * key two times, P – press * key three times, W – press * key four times

Other than that press the correct numbers on the mobile keypad.  Once the code has been entered correctly you should be shown a message on the mobiles screen with the words ‘phone restriction off’ or something similar.  You phone should now be unlocked, but remember after five failed attempts you will need to get a professional to unlock it as the free method won’t work.

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